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Meditating is like performing an operation, using an anesthetic so that it doesn’t hurt to cleanse oneself. But if the operation was performed without using an anesthetic the cut would be very, very painful.

"Meditation and spiritual practices are a prevention, not a cure."

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Path of Unfoldment

Meditation gives the mind the quietude to push aside that whole universe which is the mind, and allow a greater force to come through. For this the heart, the core of one’s personality, is the vehicle or the entrance. This process starts at the level of the mind, which consciously makes the initial effort, which requires discipline, until the mind goes to a deeper level. 

That conscious mind must ignore the repositories of all the samskaras which are in the subsconscious, so as to create a direct path to the superconscious, the finest level of relativity, which is the truest reflection of the light. When this level is reached the reflection shines through to the conscious mind, and enlivens the conscious mind. When the conscious mind is enlivened by such reflection, it gradually draws the true light of the spirit to it. Then the conscious mind too can experience the unfolded spirit, which is forever unfolded at the finest superconscious level.

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Personalized Techniques MT1

As part of our training method, each student receives an individualized set of meditation techniques

Path of Unfoldment

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As part of our training method, each student receives an individualized set of meditation techniques to practice that include the use of a personal and unique individual mantra. The process to design these individual practices is based on an individual interview with the senior teacher in charge of designing these techniques who, once he has studied and understood the person’s needs, designs his techniques which are given to him personally both online and in person.

The sound value of the mantra will create a connection between your conscious mind and your superconscious mind. 

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