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The secret of happiness is not in belongings, but in belonging.

No one else can evolve anyone else, one has to evolve oneself.

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The purpose of the preparatory mandala (MT2) was to get the energies moving in you.  These subtle mental energies are associated with various centers of your body. We have the medulla, the spinal cord flowing down from the brain, which gives energy to every part of the body: a portion of your brain is flowing down through your spinal column to energize the body. 

The various chakras like the Muladhara, the Swadhishthana, the Manipura, Anahata, the Vishuddha, the Ajna, etc., is a system created to help you concentrate and activate these subtle energies.  After a year or so of practice with the preparatory mandala discovering the movements of mental energies, we have to stabilize it.  The advanced mandala will create that stillness within you in which the movement disappears entirely, and only a deep silence and stillness is created, bringing you an intense feeling of peace and empowering your activity with that deep stillness within

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Advance Mandala MT3

The advanced mandala will create that stillness within you

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Since 1976, the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment has maintained a training program for meditation and mindfulness teachers

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 The advanced mandala will make you realize and feel that the spinal column, the spinal cord, is nothing else but the extension of your brain.  Now certain parts of your brain could be stagnant.  So we put our mantras in the stagnant part to enliven it so that it could flow in conformity with the rest of your brain.  So by getting this balancing factor, your brain can function in totality.  And by the brain functioning in totality, you will find a greater balance within yourself.

The purpose of the advanced mandala practice is to find stability in your mind.

This course requires to have finished modules PoU 1, MT 1, and MT 2 at least.

To request your advanced mandala Practice please request access to this course and we will contact you with a day and time to connect.

This class is done individually, one to one, with your teacher and comprises of 3 one-hour sessions by Zoom or a three hour in house training with your teacher (whatever is available in your area).

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