Message for the Day – February 22

Human beings rely on discernment as a springboard to dive into the Olympic pool of their oneness.
Woman thinking about her failures

“Thou shalt do what is right naturally.”

May I rise above these failures, may I refine these thoughts to the level where there is greater clarity, and thus may I not differentiate between man and God!

Mental maturity is achieved when you have developed discernment when you can see something as a whole in its total value. The mentally mature person will appreciate some of the total value of the object, but the self-realized person will not only see the total value of the object, but will also unify with it and experience its wholeness in that unity.

Discernment is nothing other than applying common sense, and that is one level. But there are other levels, such as intuition. That is the best one, the one that will give you the true answer, that inner voice. If one develops it through meditation, then there are no choices left. You will do the right thing naturally, because through meditation you have created greater synaptic control between the thinking part of your brain, the left hemisphere, and the intuitive part, the right hemisphere.

Discernment does not mean that you have to be indiscriminate. Choose as best you can, but in doing so discriminate in such a way that you do not harm yourself or others.

The practice of the Day: Everything around you is you. Only you exist.

Ramón Leonato Dominguez

Ramón Leonato Dominguez

I was born in Madrid in 1960, when I was a young boy I was solely interested in understanding the secret of life. I grew up studying biology, chemistry, physics and by 15 years old I was already in college. I published my first research work in Insect Biochemistry, Pergamon Press Vol. 10 pp 529 to 533 on molecular genetics at the age of 19 years old. In seeking for answers to the secret of life I started with biology and molecular genetics and from there I went to theoretical physics, finally I landed in the area of mysticism, or self awareness under the guidance of Gururaj Ananda Yogi, a disciple of Swami Pravitananda with whom I studied until his passing away in 1988.

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