Who are we?

An experienced, international team with forty-years’ experience counseling and teaching mindfulness, meditation and healthy living practices. This is a project of the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment, since 1976. More information at ifsu.org.

Services to connect us all

Use this website to become part of a growing community of warm-hearted, like-minded people and organizations aiming to make this a better world for us all.

Services for uplifting everyday life

Learn how to relax profoundly, not superficially or temporarily. Try new ways of solving difficult personal problems. See how to escape old habits no longer serving you. Explore ways of opening and expanding your inherent aliveness. Make more use of nature, the arts, yoga. For individuals and groups, students and teachers.

Services for integrating body, mind and soul

Take a test to see how well you know your whole, true self. Learn mindfulness and meditation practices that suit your lifestyle. Use your wisdom to clarify your purpose and ease your progress. And, probably for the first time, discover how good, wise and strong you really are. For individuals and groups, students and teachers. Including special programs to train and certify meditation teachers.


Yoga & Wellness

Yoga & Wellness

Live a healthy life, follow healthy habits, Addictions Treatment

Art & Culture

Art & Culture

The importance of Music, Dance, Theatre, Poetry and Painting in Spiritual Unfoldment

One to One Counseling

One to One Counseling

Have a private counseling session by zoom with any of our experienced counselors and faculty members.


We want to help you appreciate your essential truth.

Only then can you realize how good, great wise and sure you really are.

In our free courses you will find new and better ways to deal with your current problems and prevent the arrival of new problems.

In fact, they show you how you can live more and more like the person you always wanted to be.