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What can you expect from a live guided meditation?

Our organization invites you to a live guided group meditation via Zoom every day of the week. You can enjoy different types of meditation with us and learn by practicing with this free service that we offer to our registered students and members of this platform.

If you had a bad day, here you will find a way to calm your mind and find peace. We have guided meditations at different times every day taught live by a certified meditation teacher to ensure you have a good experience

Every day there are different meditations that you can join including:

  • Breathing Technique and gong meditation
  • Breathing Technique and silent meditation
  • Various guided meditations
  • Mantra meditation
  • Visualization practices
  • Guided relaxations
  • Yoga Nidra

Breathing Technique Meditation

The purpose of this meditation technique is to feel the separation between the small ‘I’ and the “Real Self” within. To encompass our breathing all together we engage in chanting, and while we observe ourselves chanting in a grosser form, we experience the chant from a subtler level. By exhaling while you chant and inhaling between repetitions of the mantra, you are exhaling all the time, eliminating toxins from your respiratory system and toning up it.

This practice will help you discard bothering thoughts. Just do your chanting, bring your attention to the act of chanting once and again, letting go of all thoughts. You will perceive how you are lifted to a more subtle vibration, and one can witness oneself chanting.

The mantra we use is: AIM HRIM KRIM CHAMUNDAYE VICHCHE. It is a bija mantra; it represents the feminine energy, its value lies in its vibration, and its receptive quality induces meditation. This mantra emits a universal sound that takes us to our origins.

1st part:

With your eyes closed, sit in a stable and comfortable position. Make sure your back is straight (to keep you alert). Your hands and feet should be together and touching. Inhale and exhale, repeating "Aim Hrim Krim Chamundaye Vichche" and releasing all the air with the last che. We retake a breath and repeat once again the mantra. We do three to five rounds of 108 repetitions each

2nd part:

Next, a gong will sound with a specific frequency. We will keep our eyes closed. We let ourselves be carried away by the sound of the gong. We direct our attention to the breath as it comes in and goes out. We observe it without intervening or modifying anything. As thoughts arise, we respond to them only by recognizing that we are aware of and directing our attention back to our breath.

Guided Meditations

After practicing the pranayama mantra, or just after simple breathing exercises we guide different meditations aimed at specific purposes:

  • To dissolve your anger
  • To overcome feelings of Guilt
  • To be grounded in positive thinking
  • To engage in a self-analysis
  • To open your heart to feelings of Love and Compassion

Relaxation Practice

Yoga Nidra 1st stage

It consists of gentle yogic movements done in the prone position together with tension/distention exercises followed by a meditation focused in your breathing.

Our courses info


1 hour guided meditation using different breathing techniques and other practices that will help you to establish in your practice


1 hour and 15 minutes

Online meetings

Different times of the day. Check the calendar when you join to this group. After registering you can find the Group Meditation Course in the tab Groups of your profile.


This course does not imply a certification. Students attending a group meditation at least once a week for 6 months will get 10 credits towards their certification as meditation teachers



Benefits of Guided Meditation

  • Harmonizes the group: We all breathe at the same time. This creates empathy and tunes the vibration of the people in the group.
  • Tires the mind: We exercise the mind by producing a slight tension during the chanting to facilitate relaxation finally. I.e., when exercising a muscle, we exert tension to achieve greater relaxation later. It stills the movements of the mind.
  • Facilitates the observer’s position: We use the mind to observe the mind. We perform a repetitive action with one part of the mind, and we observe with the other part. It facilitates that the mind adopts the position of self-observation.