Art and Culture

A place to learn, enjoy and share art.  To explore human creativity from a mindful position.

“The great artist is the simplifier” V. Van Gogh

Art and Culture

Enjoy our courses, workshops and events dedicated to all the disciplines of human expression. 

Human expression is a divine gift. A poet goes in search of the most profound words and comparisons to bring you as close as he can to the feeling of sweetness. The painter looks for the most beautiful colours to bring you as close as possible to that amazing sun set.  This is the best we can offer our minds when we open our eyes from meditation. 

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Our Courses

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Art and Culture

So join us every Sunday @ 12 East Coast Time. 8 sessions + A final open doors session.

What do we offer?

  • Courses- We will offer courses to explore a new perspective to human expression. Poetry, Music, painting, acting, sculpting all in a mindful position. 
  • Talks- We will have open talks from artists who have an active spiritual life and the profound meaning in their life.
  • Events-  A place to enjoy the final outcome of creativity. Come and enjoy events from artists from all around the world and from our own students.
  • Workshops- To be able to learn artistic disciplines and put them to use, while sharing with others what we learn.
  • Group discussion- A place to share.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, all you have to do is write a small description or example video of what you have in mind and we will consider all applications.

This will depend on the teacher or artist giving the course or event. But be sure to expect many activities free of charge.

No, we implement structures and techniques from our certified courses to create this new section based in arts. Our experience teaching meditation and mindfulness is that creativity is one of the aspects that develops through the practice of these disciplines. 

Expect the unexpected, be ready to just flow, share and enjoy.

Sorry this course will upcome soon!

Here are some of our currently active courses of meditation and mindfulness

If you wish to subscribe, we will send you an email when the course is active again. All you have to do is select the course you want information about and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Live guided Meditation

Online live guided group meditations available every day of the week at various times.

Friendly Circles

In a small group, we exchange thoughts on a variety of interesting questions about daily life

Beginners Meditation

Learn specific meditation practices including body scanning, prep mantra, and tratak.

Ashram for Unfoldment Live

Watch live activities from the Ashram for Unfoldment in New York.

Change Your Life by Learning Meditation

Learn about upcoming opportunities to strengthen your meditation practices.

Path Of Unfoldment PoU-1

8 sessions course with zoom meetings every on Saturdays at 3 pm. This Course Starts in January