Find our propossals to uplift your daily life. Yoga and Wellness, Meditation, Mindfulness, Art, Music, Relationships. Our programas cover the answers the heart seeks. If you want to make new friends join our community

Householders Courses

House Holder-1

For new comers to meditation and spiritual Practices.

House Holder-2

If you have completed HH1 and you want to continue your learning

Certified Teacher Training

Course PoU-1

Preparatory Meditation Training.

Course PoU-2

Advanced Meditation Program

Course PoU-3

Programming a Meditation Course

Course PoU-4

Teaching an Online Meditation Course

Meditation Techniques Courses

Module MT-1

Personalized Techniques

Module MT-2

Preparatory Mandala

Module MT-3

Advanced Mandala

Meditation Techniques and Spiritual Practices Courses

Module MSTP-1

Advanced Studies

Module MSTP-2

Specialization Courses

Module MTSP-3

Teacher in Practises

Retreat Courses

Spiritual Retreats

Training includes 3 one week Meditation Retreats

Mindful Education

Mindful Families

Meditation practices with our family.

School Training

Meditation for School Teachers Training

Educational Centers

Meditation For Educational Centers

Yoga and Wellness Courses

Yoga and Wellness

Healthy Lifestyle and Body-Mind Integration

Art and Culture

Art and Culture

A place to learn, enjoy and share art.