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This section includes a set of everyday tools proven to make current lives sweeter and progress toward better days faster. Some of the tools may be familiar, others not.  Perhaps scan the table of contents, find tools that interest you, then experiment and see how you can get them to work for you.


Learning to flow through life spontaneously. When you learn to flow spontaneously, day by day, and make your life an offering to life itself, life

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Speaking with God

Christian religion praises glory to God in the highest and on Earth peace, good will to men. Based on devotion to the Divine, and that

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Real Prayer

Real prayer means that 24/7, moment by moment, your every breath is a prayer. Every word you say is a prayer. Every laugh you laugh

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How Meditation works

Whatever our conception of the objective world, we all have a subjective experience that is based on the consciousness of existence that we experience every

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Meditation for Householders. The meditation techniques we teach are simple to practice and can be incorporated into daily life.