Yoga and Wellness

Yoga is discipline, yoga is attitude. It is a beautiful journey inside because it is not about looking outside, it is about going inside….

Yoga and Wellness

Yoga is a realization in which we break patterns that shackle our souls. 

Yoga is not about reaching, it is about letting go of everything that prevents the light of our inner self from illuminating our moments. It is more about letting go of everything that prevents us from experiencing who we already are. 

Yoga works all aspects of being, not only the physical body, although we use the body, the vehicle we have for this walk through existence, to make our consciousness expand. 

Yoga is not only physical exercise

Through conscious movement we train our attention. We become aware of ourselves, we learn to know ourselves, to accept ourselves, and above all to treat ourselves differently, with more delicacy, with more attention.

Yoga Love

Living in harmony

We live in a hurried society in which a state of continuous tension prevails. That is why it is interesting to know the benefits of yoga, a physical, mental and spiritual discipline that can help us reduce this feeling of discomfort.

Suitable for everyone

Regardless of age, religion, sex or physical condition, as the yoga teacher will guide you correctly in the practice so that we can all adapt it to our own body without fear of injury or harm in any way.

Yoga is a lifestyle

It contributes significantly to our mental balance, improves our image and therefore our self-esteem. Yoga is a state of consciousness to which we all have access if we wish.

Through the development of willpower, the desire to excel and self-confidence also go together and in stressful situations we will feel more empowered.

The movements, the execution of asanas will help us to realize that we are capable of doing more than we thought and that means more than a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Benefits of Yoga:

There are many benefits associated with the practice of yoga among which we can highlight: expanding body-mind awareness

  • Increasing the body’s energy, freeing it from toxins, reinforcing the natural defenses, thus optimizing the functioning of the body.
  • Improved flexibility of muscles and joints, providing more vitality and agility.
  • Increases physical strength, working muscles while improving the overall appearance of the body, toning every part of it.
  • It promotes energy circulation and oxygenation of the body.
  • It is considered by many as a holistic medicine that prevents and heals ailments and diseases (asthma, fatigue, arthritis, arthrosis, lumbago…).
  • It helps to improve breathing, which has a direct impact on health.
  • Protects the integrity of the spine, thanks to the improvement of posture.
  • Calms our nervous system. It is a way to combat stress that restores to our body the fluidity that we lose when we allow problems to invade us.
  • Stimulate the internal organs through specific exercises.
  • Combats the risks of high blood pressure and helps control cholesterol and sugar levels, in addition to improving the production of antioxidants.
  • Generates calm and sharpens the brain.
  • Helps to combat episodes of anger, panic, anxiety.
  • It improves our focus on important issues and also our resistance to stress.
  • It allows us to get rid of our negative thoughts, keeping us in the present moment.