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Online platform to follow the meditation techniques and Spiritual Practices taught by the American Meditation Society a 501 c 3 Public Charity. since 1976

The American Meditation Society is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing meditation classes and meditation techniques that are personalized. A range of instruction is available including meditation for beginners, to advanced practices that are designed for the individual. Meditation when properly taught is effortless and opens the heart.

If you develop stillness within yourself, nothing outside you can bother you. Only by diving deep into the center of yourself can you experience everything in its wholeness. In class you will be supported by a teacher based on your own experience and you will learn the effortless of practice. 

Meditation Courses and Retreats

You will be able to follow here all our online courses, virtual retreats, and one to one counselling that our teachers, with years of experience teaching meditation techniques and spiritual practices offer.


These classes focus on how to meditate effortlessly. They serve as a foundational class for further instruction as well as meditation for beginners. 

The course will teach a balanced set of practices including breath, mantra, and focused visualization with emphasis on correct technique, becoming the observer of thoughts, understanding the meditative process, and becoming less reactive to external events.

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You need to complete all the required modules and get a total of 390 Credits out of the 460 possible

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Advanced meditation techniques and practices are offered to deepen meditation experience. Advanced meditation practices are offered as follows:

Individualized Meditation Instruction: Personalized mantra and meditation techniques based on the individual’s own unique make up are offered in one-on-one instruction.

Learn How to Meditate on a Meditation Retreat: Meditation techniques and classes are also taught on weekend retreats as well as on longer national retreats.

Benefits of meditation

Meditation is highly effective in relieving stress from the demands of daily life. It is a powerful tool for healing physical and emotional suffering, and for supporting spiritual unfoldment. These practices provide access to our spiritual core, ultimately centering us in an ineffable sense of love, safety and well-being larger than ourselves.

Studies show that meditating for 20 minutes per day can:

  • Enhance a sense of well being
  • Decrease anger and irritability
  • Enhance creativity
  • Increase intelligence
  • Offer a greater sense of inner strength
  • Recover more quickly from set-backs
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Frequently asked questions

It is NOT difficult to meditate. In fact, it is quite simple and often very relaxing. Difficulties arise with insufficient teaching and incorrect practice.

Meditation brings about a balance and harmony between mind, body, and spirit. This harmony already exists; all it requires is conscious recognition and experience. Although problems and situations occur in everyday life, meditation helps to maintain a sense of peace within.

Meditation expands awareness and unfolds inner knowingness. Meditation awakens virtues and positive qualities within. Thousands of scientific research studies in the past 30 years have shown the benefits to the body, mind, behavior, improvement in quality of life, and self-esteem.

Meditation practices are individually prescribed and individually taught in order to be truly effective. There are many types of meditation techniques and an infinite number of variations within each category. The precise combination of practices that a person needs are dependent on many factors. For this reason, in AMS, meditation techniques are individualized by highly trained teachers. Each individual who applies for their personalized practices receives the practices that will be most beneficial for them at that time.

In daily living, we become more able to tackle problems from a place of love, calmness and greater creativity. We learn to turn that which was previously not joyous into joy. The skills learned in meditation, such as focus and self-compassion, are applicable in so many real-life situations. Meditation is important because it helps us in our everyday lives, not just because sitting on a cushion is fun sometimes.

No. Meditation is for everyone. Religiosity is not a necessity in any regard to benefit from the AMS practices or any meditative practices. Nor is any certain philosophy or belief system required. AMS Meditation is available for all people, and anybody from any background can practice the techniques and benefit from them. We strongly believe that meditative practices can complement religion in a meaningful way, and can support spiritual unfoldment. If you are a Christian, meditation can help you become a better Christian. If you are a Muslim, become a better Muslim. If you are a Jew become a better Jew. Religion is just one aspect of life that a meditation practice can benefit.

The length of time depends on the individual and their experience. Most people meditate for 20 minutes, twice daily. One minute of meditation is better than none, and we encourage everyone to both respect their individual capacity while also pushing themselves and practicing with some discipline.

Course fees are determined by your local teacher and are on a sliding scale when necessary. A suggested donation of $200 is given to AMS for the individualized mantra practice

No. You can sit comfortably or lie down to meditate. Allowing the body to be comfortable is important.

Yes. We offer special techniques for both.

Instruction is given in a series of weekly classes or on a retreat. See Courses

Our classes cover mantra meditation, which is conducive for relaxation, candle meditation that improves focus, and other complimentary practices such as visualization, breath work, and pain management. Individual practices, which include a personalized mantra and chakra techniques, are taught by Level II instructors.

Today, people function with highly developed minds, yet the heart and compassionate center of ourselves is underdeveloped. Our teachings are specially designed to simultaneously develop the heart and understanding of the mind