Message for the Day – February 25

Unity does not mean uniformity. Our impressions are our apparent individuality. It is not that we lose our individuality, but our perception of that individuality.
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“The whole tree is in the seed”

By trying to destroy samskaras, you are adding more samskaras. What you have to do is to refine them. When you reach a certain point of refinement, there is great tranquility and the samskaras fall away and become one with their original elements, which are indestructible. This is what keeps the universe going, that is why it is eternal. Those samskaras, those tamasic, rajasic or sattvic life values, have no beginning and, therefore, will have no end. But when we refine them completely they fall away from us and only the pure light remains.

We are always creating God. We are always pulling that pure energy, that pure experience that experiences itself. We are pulling that pure energy through the dirty layers of our mind and trying to interpret that purity through our dirt (samskaras). That is why some philosophers say that man creates God according to his own conceptions.

The elements of the samskaras, which are of very fine matter, disintegrate beyond the subatomic particles and flow to the areas where they are most needed. Thus, these fine currents remain during the final fusion between the individual and the universal, between man and God. Here a different process occurs: the whole tree exists in the seed and the seed exists in the tree. These fine currents have no counterpart at their level in which to disintegrate. Therefore, these fine currents revert to the seed state, the individual is finally liberated and you become one with God. That is the unity of consciousness. That is the unification between man and God.

We are trying to get rid of preconceived ideas, doctrines and blind beliefs of which we know nothing, to aim at the real experiential value of life, where the purest of the pure, the spiritual self, is experienced in its total innocence.

Picture of Ramón Leonato Dominguez

Ramón Leonato Dominguez

I was born in Madrid in 1960, when I was a young boy I was solely interested in understanding the secret of life. I grew up studying biology, chemistry, physics and by 15 years old I was already in college. I published my first research work in Insect Biochemistry, Pergamon Press Vol. 10 pp 529 to 533 on molecular genetics at the age of 19 years old. In seeking for answers to the secret of life I started with biology and molecular genetics and from there I went to theoretical physics, finally I landed in the area of mysticism, or self awareness under the guidance of Gururaj Ananda Yogi, a disciple of Swami Pravitananda with whom I studied until his passing away in 1988.

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