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To know yourself, you are at liberty to use whatever is offered to you in your circumstances and learn from it. This is very important.

This is what meditation teachers have to learn: "Allow your heart to flow" AUM SHANTI, SHANTI, SHANTI

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Path of Unfoldment

Upon completion of all modules and completion of the third retreat (Module R3), aspiring Certified Meditation Teachers must complete 100 hours of online meditation courses in any of the PoU1, HH1 and HH2 courses. During their completion they will be monitored and followed by the Senior Teacher of our organization assigned to them.

Students will grade the teachers on various aspects of their work and the Senior Teacher in charge of the student’s final certification will grade other aspects of their training. The average of these two grades will represent the final grade obtained by the student.

The Students, now officially Preparatory Teachers, will use their Program developed as part of PoU 3 module, to implement the skills and know-how developed during their training program to teach one of the social groups we serve, amongst them: gender violence victims, chronic illness, people suffering from depression and anxiety, etc.

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Requirements: To register to this module you must complete first modules PoU 1, PoU 2, MTSP 1 and MTSP 2.

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Since 1976, the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment has maintained a training program for meditation and mindfulness teachers

Meditation a way to a life of serenity.

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There is not a formal course to complete this module. The student receives access to the platform as a teacher and will be technically assisted into creating his online course. Once the student has completed all his training and with the programming of courses created within module PoU3, he will create an online courses and post them on the platform. The courses will be promoted through our marketing channels and offered through the charities we work with to the people that may need it.

Once the 100 hours of online courses are covered the Preparatory Teacher will be a Fully Qualified Certified Meditation Teacher.