Change your life by learning meditation

January 9th 2022 at 2:00 PM EST

Introduction to meditation and upcoming opportunities learn meditation techniques

Join Jarid Neuhaus to learn about upcoming opportunities to deepen your meditation practice.

This event will begin with a fifteen minute talk by Jarid Neuhaus, who will discuss how learning meditation can change your life for the better. Jarid will recommend upcoming events and courses for meditation practitioners. 

It is recommended for students who are new to meditation, or practitioners who are seeking opportunities to advance their meditation practices.

The event will focus on a question and answer session with course participants. This will allow ample time for those interested to have their questions addressed in a supportive and conversational environment.

Objectives of the event

Introduction to Meditation

The session will be a fifteen minute talk on the benefits of meditation and information on upcoming opportunities for meditation practitioners.
Free Event

Benefits of Meditation

Improves concentration

Greater relaxation in your everyday life

Lessening of feelings of anxiety

Gain deeper perspectives on your life on a daily basis

Experience greater awareness and emotional balance

Jarid Neuhaus

I had a Christian upbringing. Nine years of Lutheran grade school that brought faith into my life. Modern science challenged some of these religious beliefs for me. Psychedelics helped me see past some of these challenges, but also left me with more questions.

Finding Gururaj and hearing his talks and message was just what I needed. His deep and practical wisdom solidified the gaps between religion, science and psychedelics on my journey.

I have been practicing these meditation techniques since 1992. I enjoy going to meditation retreats. I find they can really charge you up with spiritual energy.

I also practice and teach yoga and qigong. I love playing percussion. Gardening is also a passion of mine. I draw from all these healing activities in my massage practice