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When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world”- Shai Reshef

Our Children will lead the world that will be tomorrow, may it be a world with an open hear

Learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be.

This implies going beyond a purely instrumental vision of education in order to consider the function in its globality: “the development of the person who learns to be”.

Learning to know, it is about each individual learning to understand the world around him, to know, to discover, to seek a personal research, to satisfy his curiosity.

Learning to do, to be able to act on the environment. The ability to communicate, to work with others, to lead and to resolve conflicts is becoming more and more important.

Learning to live together, to participate and cooperate with others in all human activities. This learning represents one of the main challenges of education today. The mission of education is to teach the diversity of the human species and the awareness of equals and interdependence among all human beings. The discovery of the other, necessarily passes through the knowledge of oneself, only then will it be possible to put oneself in the place of others, while developing an attitude of empathy and compassion.

Learning to be, essential progression that participates of the three previous learnings. Education must contribute to the total development of each individual, that is to say, spirit and body, intelligence, sensibility, aesthetic sense, personal responsibility, and spirituality.

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Program Training

This course is a training program in emotional education and meditation that is universal, non-denominational, and secular and has a progressive structure that encompasses the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social dimensions for an integrative and value-based education for our children.

Our course combines a face-to-face online training program for teachers in differentiated curricula for each age range of students, with a social network with communication among its fellow teachers in the course through forums, messaging, email, videoconferencing and document sharing.

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70 hours


30 One hour and a half sessions by Zoom and Online Teaching Material at your own pace


Included in the course Access to course materials for 1 year


Teachers finishing satisfactorily this course get certified by our institution as qualified to introduce Meditation and mindfulness techniques in the classroom.


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School Teachers Training



  • Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques in ordinary daily life. How to apply them effortlessly and with ease.


  • Kindergarten. The basis of emotional education in early years. Learning to breathe, learning to feel, learning to see


  • 1º and 2º Grade. Playing to discover our inner selves.


  • 3º to 6º Grade. Introducing meditation and mindfulness practices. Unfolding Love and Compassion.


  • 7º to 10º relationships and quality communication. Non-Violent Communication, Friedly Circles for Self-discovery, Exercises for body mind control.


  • High-School. A practical tool to learn at High School and use the rest of your life that provides wellness and betterment together with the unfoldment of love and compassion


  • A program for Families