Starter Meditation Kit

It is a unique and exclusive method that combines a philosophy of life with meditation practices and techniques that you will use on a daily basis. 

Starter Meditation Kit Course

Starter Meditation Kit course will give you the knowledge, techniques and practices, so that you can easily incorporate them into your daily life and your habits. Whatever your circumstances, routines and beliefs are.

The course will help you to be more aware of who you are, to feel more secure and confident, to understand the signs of your inner self and to relate more easily with the daily circumstances and the people around you, in short, to be more serene and happy.

What makes this method so effective is that the course contents are very practical. They combine explanations and reflections on the processes of the mind and body. With easy exercises, exclusively designed for this course, concerning the mechanisms of thinking, attention, relaxation and meditation.

Starter Meditation Kit

You will increase your understanding, well-being and connection with yourself and the environment.

Objectives of Starter Meditation kit

Aimed at all those people who want to know, manage themselves better, practice meditation and mindfulness and discover the benefits of incorporating these practices in your life. 

Learn to live day by day

Learn how the mind functions

Learn how to manage emotions

To recognize the habits and patterns of the mind and discard thoughts that block us

Getting started and maintaining a daily routine for our meditation and mindfulness practice

improve relationships and conflicts with the close environment. Non-violent communication.

Program of Starter Meditation Kit


  • Meditation, mindfulness and its benefits.
  • The functioning of the mind.
  • Beliefs and thoughts.
  • Emotional education.
  • Tools to reduce difficulties and conflicts.
  • Assertive, non-violent communication.
  • Kind Circles

Meditation techniques and formal and informal practices:

  • Breathing practices.
  • Body movement
  • Meditation with movement
  • Mantra meditation
  • Tratak Meditation
  • Guided Meditations