Advanced Studies on Meditation Techniques and Spiritual Practices - MTSP 1

You can only know a person in totality if you know your own totality.

You are enlightened. All the meditational and spiritual practices are just to remove the clouds that obscure the sun of enlightenment.

Meditation course

MTSP 1 module

The MTSP 1 module is a curriculum that can be done online through 40 weekly sessions of two hours throughout the year, or in a 10-day retreat in one of our ashrams. In this course we go through the areas of knowledge in which a meditation teacher must be competent in order to do his or her work correctly. We go through the different approaches to the same problems that are made in the diverse branches of psychology, spiritual and contemplative traditions, and western Philosophy. We focus on Buddhist, Christian, Non-Dualism, Hinduism and modern Yoga currents as well as the contributions that have been made to meditation and mindfulness techniques by the academic world, particularly those emanating from the work of people such as Jon Kabat Zinn, Marshall Rosenberg and Davidson.

This module also explores various techniques that can be used as a toolbox in our daily lives to deal with our feelings, emotions, thoughts, stress, and develops the qualities that facilitate connection to, and the awareness of, the natural goodness that exists in the human heart.

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Advanced Studies MTSP 1

The MTSP 1 module is a curriculum that can be done online through 40 weekly sessions

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In depth study of meditation techniques and spiritual Practices as well as the philosophy that underlines all these techniques and the whys and wherefores of its practice


80 hours

Online meetings

In its online version it consists of 40 two-hour weekly meetings. In its residential format 10 days of eight-hour course each day.


Students have access to structured and well documented lessons that support what you learn during the online zoom meetings. Material of this course will be available for students on a permanent basis.


MTSP 1 gives you 40 credits towards your certification


All our programs are free, our organization is funded by private donors who sympathize with our mission.

we will go into depth in the following areas

Functioning of the Mind

  • The Ego
  • Causes of Suffering
  • Patterningsand the conditioned Mind
  • Fear and other negative emotions
  • Acceptance
  • Attachment
  • Integration

Concepts of Divinity

  • Personal and Impersonal God
  • Incarnations and Avatars
  • Natural Law and Science
  • Divine Will…Individual Will
  • Oneness
  • Grace


  • Service
  • Friendship
  • Compassionate Communication


  • Karma
  • Existence and Death
  • Energy and Prana


  • Budhism
  • Christianity
  • Non-Dualism
  • MBSR and MBCT protocols
  • The Seeker and the Path 

Advanced Meditation Techniques

  • The Teacher and the Taught
  • Discrimination
  •  Illusion and Maya
  • Inner Mysteries
  • Liberation
  • How to Open your heart

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