PoU 2


“An in depth study of the framework of the Path of Unfoldment”

“Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight.”

Meditation course

Path of Unfoldment

The objective of this course is to further deepen into the various meditation practices, and to expand and strengthen the practical philosophy inherent to Self Unfoldment and Awareness. The Pou method was designed by Gururaj Ananda Yogi in 1976 for ordinary women and men of the 21st century. You need to complete module PoU 1 before you can request access to this course.

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Requirements:Students must have finished PoU 1 to access this course.

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Advance Meditation PoU-2

An in depth study of the framework of the Path of Unfoldment

Unfolding Love Within

“The secret lies in trying to gain integration within oneself, where service to humanity becomes automatic and spontaneous, not schemed.”

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12 weeks

Online meetings

1 time per week by videoconference.


Each week you will receive study material, an outline of the essential concepts, the development of the topics, the practices of the week and different complementary materials. You will be able to follow the course at your own pace, effortlessly.

Group meditations

Group meditations are available during the week for practice.


At the end of the course you will receive a certificate valid for teacher training. With the corresponding credits.


All our programs are free, our organization is funded by private donors who sympathize with our mission.

The course is structured in four Sections:


What do you do? How do you do it? Mindful actions. The body and breathing. Acceptance of pleasant and unpleasant circumstances. Right action. Responsibility in action. Non-violent communication. Right listening. Responsibility in language. Understanding the law of cause and effect.


What do you think? What mental dynamics are you trapped in? Intellectual focus. The relationship between thoughts and emotions. Dealing with Negative emotions: Anger, Resentment, Judgment, and Guilt. Managing emotions. Acceptance, Devotion, and Surrender, How the mind works. Identity and the Self. Non-judgemental thoughts. - Responsibility for what we think. Mental distortions and beliefs that make us suffer. Learning to discard thoughts and regarding thoughts as thoughts, not as reality. Study and learn to listen, reflect and understand the satsangs of a spiritual teacher.


What is real love? Can love really be cultivated? No, never—love is a happening. Love is like the fragrance of a flower. The flower does not transmit fragrance consciously. It is the nature of a flower to give fragrance, and that fragrance is love. It is the nature of fire to give off heat, and heat, spontaneously given by fire, is love. We do not cultivate love—we cultivate qualities within us that are conducive to making love come. In other words, everything is a preparation for love to come.


Meditation Techniques bring us closer to the knowledge of our true nature through observation and direct experience. We will review, deepen and enhance the meditation techniques learned in module PoU 1 and learn new techniques and tools to apply in different circumstances of our lives. During the waking state of life meditation makes us face the mirror squarely and see our faults. It not only makes us see our faults, but meditation also gives us the strength to overcome those faults.

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IFSU is a registered public charity 501 (c) 3. Since 1976 we provide the best meditation and mindfulness techniques as well as practical cognitive and communication tools to deal with everyday life situations. A practical Philosophy aimed at unfolding the natural goodness of people’s hearts.

Meditation a way to a life of serenity.


This module introduces the spiritual dimension of the Path of Unfoldment. It takes you beyond meditation and mindfulness as a technique to alleviate stress and provide calmness to your mind to a path of self-discovery and unity with Self.

The purpose of this module is to bring about a harmony between mind, body, and spirit. The harmony already exists; all it requires is conscious recognition and experience. What do we mean by experiencing harmony? The answer is simple: to feel peace with yourself, so much so that all problems can come and yet you remain peaceful. It is like Kipling’s poem, “If”—everything can go all mad and haywire around you and yet you preserve your peace and tranquillity.

The path of Yoga is not as simple as it seems. The path of Yoga, Vivekananda said, is the path of heroes, the path of the warrior. There has to be determination. In this module you will acquire the determination required to overcome the feeling of being separated, the experiencing of yourself as a separate entity.

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